Beware of Card Trapping

Beware of Card Trapping

What is card trapping?

Card trapping is a trap made by fraudster by installing a device inside the card acceptance slot of an ATM so that it prevents the ATM from retracting the card and fraudster can take over. 

How do fraudster conduct card trapping?

  • Set up a  trap to prevent the ATM to retract the card.
  • Put stickers with fake logos and contact center numbers around the ATM area, usually using the fraudster's phone number. 
  • When the card is trapped, customer will contact the fake contact center and fraudster will come and pretend to give advise to block the card by contacting the fake contact center. 
  • The fake contact center operator will ask confidential customer data, including card PIN.
  • If this had happened, fraudster can freely retrieve the funds from the customer's account. 

How to avoid card trapping?

  • Make transactions on ATM that have supervision. 
  • Always be vigilant and keep your bank's official contact center number.  
  • Remember, bank never asks for customer's ATM card PIN. 
  • Do not easily trust strangers who offered help when you are in similar circumstances.