QNB Treats Loyalty

QNB Treats Loyalty

Birthday Gift

Enjoy special birthday gift from QNB Indonesia such as Hampers, e-voucher from KFC and Tokopedia Gift Card for loyal customer.

Program Period

This program is valid from 1 July 2023 – 30 June 2024

Program scheme

For a customer who is having a birthday, QNB Indonesia will give a special gift to celebrate their birthday by maintaining the average savings balance and wealth management products or asset under management (AUM)  as follow:


Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3


Minimum average of savings balance* IDR10,000,000 IDR10,000,000 IDR10,000,000

Average AUM* exclude wealth management product**




Average AUM* and include wealth management product**


≥IDR300,000,000 – IDR500,000,000



1 (one) KFC e-vouchers worth IDR50,000

Lock n Lock Tumbler

Tokopedia Gift Card worth IDR 300,000

*) Includes average balance of a minimum IDR10,000,000 in Regular Savings Account or Premium Savings Account in the last 3 months

**) Mutual fund and/or bancassurance Allianz products


Terms and conditions

Program Terms and conditions:

1. Eligible customer are those who has been QNB Indonesia customer for at least 1 (one) year

2. Customer should have average saving fund in Regular Savings Account or Premium Savings Account in the last 3 months amounted minimum of IDR10,000,000

3. Customer who are eligible for the birthday gift is the customer who have meet the criteria above

4. The Bank will check and evaluate customer’s eligibility to get the birthday gift in the last 3 (three) months prior customer’s birthday month (“Evaluation Period”)

5. Total AUM which counted are Savings Account, Time Deposit (TD), and Wealth Management Products (Mutual Fund and bancassurance Allianz products)

6. Customer will get the birthday gift on the birthday month

7. Customer who receive birthday gift on Tier 2 in the form of Lock n Lock Tumbler which will be delivered personally by your Relationship Manager or the customer can visit the nearest QNB Indonesia branch (by appointment with your Relationship Manager)

How to redeem KFC e-voucher:

a.    Customer will get KFC e-voucher via link on Customer's email registered in the Bank's system

b.    Click the link and it will directed to the "Redeem Vouchers" page. Make sure to redeem the e-voucher only if it will be used immediately 

c.    Click "Redeem Vouchers" button and the barcode will appear. The validity period of the barcode is only 2x24 hours 

d.    Show the barcode when making payment in the KFC cashier

e.    The validity period of KFC e-voucher is 30 (thirty) days starting from the date of KFC e-voucher that was sent via email. KFC e-vouchers that have expired or passed their validity period will be forfeited and cannot be renewed. The customer hereby assumes full responsibility for any delay or omission in the use of the KFC e-voucher provided.

f.    KFC e-voucher is not valid at KFC outlets as follows: 

-    KFC Kemayoran Jakarta
-    KFC Jl.Proklamator Bandar Jaya Lampung
-    KFC Jl.Jend Sudirman Bandar Lampung
-    KFC CIK DITIRO Lampung
-    KFC Coco Sarapung Manado
-    KFC Hassanudin Ujung Pandang
-    KFC Jl.Jendral Sudirman Manado
-    KFC Jl.Yos Sudarso Hadi Mall Manokwari
-    KFC Mega Mall Manado
-    KFC Manado Trade Center
-    KFC Pringsewu Lampung
-    KFC Jl.Cendrawasih Komplek Timika
-    KFC Way Halim Lampung 

g.    KFC e-voucher is transferable, however Bank QNB Indonesia is not responsible for exchanging the e-voucher after it was sent to the customer

h.    KFC e-voucher cannot be cashed

i.    If the customer does not register the email address or wants to update the email address which registered in the bank system, the customer can update the data at the nearest Bank QNB Indonesia branch

How to redeem Tokopedia Gift Card:

a. Customer only received the Tokopedia Gift Card via link on the Customer’s email

b. Click link and it will direct to the Redeem page

c. Click “Redeem Voucher” if the it will be used immediately. Link which has clicked to redeem will only valid in 2x24 hours for the redemption

d. Page will change to “Selamat! Redeem vouchermu berhasil!” and the voucher unique code will be shown. This unique code can only be claimed on Tokopedia Gift Card

e. Copy that unique link and redeem through Tokopedia Application

f. Open Tokopedia Apps, then search for “Tokopedia Gift Card”. Input the Gift Card Code that has been sent to the customer’s email that registered on the Bank system, then click ‘check Gift Card Code’

g. Then the customer will receive pop up GoPay Coins “Gift Card Nominal” then click add to GoPay Coins

h. Choose verification method then go to verification code that the customer has received

i. Then the customer will receive Gift Card information that added to GoPay Coins or other reward points that connect to the Tokopedia’s user account

j. If the customer’s gift card redeem process is success, the customer can check the GoPay Coins balance

k. The Tokopedia Gift card can be transfer to another Tokopedia’s user. However, QNB Indonesia is not responsible for the Gift Card redeemed after the gift card is given to another user

l. Tokopedia Gift Card cannot be cashed


Special upgrade program

On the customer’s birthday month, the customer is also have the opportunity to upgrade to become QNB First customer if the customer have met the specific criteria for QNB First. The QNB First customer can also have more benefits such as free transactions, airport transfers and medical check up with terms and conditions apply*. In addition, for the customer on the Tier 2 and Tier 3 of the QNB Treats Loyalty, will receive special gift which is 2 (two) movie tickets e-voucher at XXI the Premiere.

*) Terms and conditions for the free transactions, airport transfer, Medical Check up and other QNB First's benefits please click here

Terms and conditions

1. Special upgrade program is valid on the birthday month or maximum of 1 month after the month of the Customer's birthday month (M+1)

2. XXI the Premiere e-voucher will be sent no later than 14 (fourteen) days to the Customer's email registered in the bank system after the customer signs the QNB First upgrade form.

3. 1 (one) e-voucher can be used for 1 movie ticket purchase transaction.  If you are going to purchase 2 tickets, customer have to made 2 (two) times ticket purchase transactions.

4. The validity period of e-vouchers varies (maximum 1 (one) week after the e-vouchers were sent to the Customer's email address) and cannot be extended. Customers cannot choose the validity period of vouchers, depending on the availability of e-vouchers and according to the provisions of XXI parties.

5. XXI the Premiere e-vouchers from this program are only valid to watch movie on weekdays (Monday – Thursday). If there are any public holiday on Monday – Thursday, thus e-vouchers are not valid.

6. Only valid for watching in all XXI the Premiere studios in Indonesia, and cannot be exchanged for other cinema classes such as IMAX or Regular.

7. XXI the Premiere e-vouchers cannot be cashed, or exchanged for food/beverage purchases at XXI cinemas.

How to redeem E-Vouchers ticket XXI The Premiere

1. Customers must have the m.tix application which can be downloaded on their mobile phone via Google Play Store or App Store.

2. Customer must have an m.tix account.

3. Customer selects the movie, cinema, movie schedule and number of seats desired according to availability on the m.tix application, then click ‘Confirm Order’

4. Select ‘Voucher’, then click ‘See All’

5. Enter the voucher code, click ‘Next’ (e-voucher banner will appear), then click ‘Use’

6. On the Order Confirmation page, you will see the words 'Free E-voucher QNB First the Premiere'

7. Select the Payment Method desired chosen by the Customer (for admin fee payment IDR2,500 / ticket). When the e-voucher has been used claimed, check the order list. Then click 'Confirm Order' and continue by entering your m.tix PIN.

8. Tickets have been successfully booked.


For further information and any other service complaints, you can contact Bank QNB Indonesia Contact Center via email contact.center@qnb.co.id or (+62 21) 300 55 300

Terms and conditions has already comply to the regulations including Financial Services Authority (OJK) regulations.