QNB First Visa Infinite Credit card

True Appreciation of Your Success

QNB First Visa Infinite Credit Card is the card that reflects the personal success you have achieved in life. As a valued customer, you deserve extra special treatment as your pursue your aspiration and your perfect lifestyle. Our QNB First Visa Infinite card offers you a wealth of unique opportunities and benefits, guaranteeing you ease and comfort, wherever in the world you may roam.

Features and Benefits

Enjoy our wide range of features and benefit that will suit your financial needs.

  • Install Program
    You can arrange your payments for transactions of minimum IDR 1 million, which already posted on your credit card account, for any period between 3 and 24 months. The Install Program will make any of your transaction with credit card easier.
  • Point Reward
    The more you shop at retail outlets or online using your QNB Credit Card the more Point Reward you will accumulate. Increase your Point Reward and redeem them for attractive gifts.
  • Mileage
    As a QNB Credit Card holder, you can exchange your Point Reward for air miles on flights operated by our airlines partners.
  • Partnership
    Enjoy special offers and discounts at stores operated by QNB partnering merchants including restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and many more. Enjoy 0% interest or special interest rates at stores operated by our Install Program partnering merchants.
  • Cash Advance
    Make cash withdrawals at QNB Indonesia branches or any ATM with Visa logo, with the maximum cash withdrawals based on the cardholder credit limit.
  • Auto Debit
    This feature allows you to make automatic credit card payments from your QNB current or savings account.
  • Flexible Payment
    Enjoy the convenience of paying your credit card total balance by making the minimum payment, fixed installments, or full payment.
  • Credit Card Insurance
    Credit Card Insurance gives you protection against defaulting on your QNB Credit Card payments owing to natural disasters such as death from accident or illness, permanent disability, or other covered risks in accordance with the prevailing terms and conditions. In the event of such occurrences, your credit card balance will be paid at the maximum limit specified by QNB insurance partners. This feature is subject to premium payments made by the cardholder.
  • PIN 6 digit
    According to Bank Indonesia Regulation regarding improvement in the security of card payments, all credit card transactions at merchants in Indonesia must use a 6-digit PIN as a means of verification and authentication.

Interest and Fees



Stamp Duty Adjustment

In accordance with the new Stamp Duty Law (Bea Meterai) No. 10 in the year of 2020, stamp duty will be subject to a single tariff of IDR 10.000,- with transaction value of more than IDR 5 Million imposed on the documents stated. Thus, the new tariff of IDR 10.000,- stamp duty will takes effect on January 1st 2021 to all QNB First Visa Infinite Credit Card holder. Please find below for details:

Total amount of QNB Indonesia Credit Card payment

Valid until December 31st 2020

Starting January 1st 2021

Stamp Duty Fee

≤ IDR 250,000



> IDR 250,000 - IDR 1,000,000

IDR 3,000


> IDR 1,000,000 - IDR Rp 5,000,000

IDR 6,000


> IDR 5,000,000

IDR 6,000

IDR 10,000

  • The stamp duty payment scheme will be charged and appears in the following billing statement period
  • The stamp duty charges applied on the basic card, also valid to any supplement card payment
  • For further information, please contact QNB Indonesia Contact Center (021) 300 55 300