Closing of QNB Indonesia Credit Card Facility

Closing of QNB Indonesia Credit Card Facility

1 September 2022 – First of all, on behalf of PT Bank QNB Indonesia Tbk (QNB Indonesia), we would like to thank you for your trust in QNB Indonesia (“Bank”) thus far.

In line with the Bank’s focus on growing a sustainable business, the Bank will close the QNB Indonesia Credit Card facility. Your QNB Indonesia Credit Card can be still used until 13 October 2022.

We advise you to settle your QNB Indonesia Credit Card bill payment before the due date. For your convenience, the Direct Debit/Auto Debit service through your savings account can still be used to settle your credit card payment until 1 November 2022. Please ensure that your account has sufficient fund in order to make the payment.

Bank will comply to regulations in regards to sending the billing statement as well as to make necessary reporting on your outstanding credit card payment.

For QNB First customers, please continue to enjoy all the benefits and facilities such as Medical Check Up, Airport Lounge, and Airport Transfer using QNB First GPN Debit Card, QNB First Platinum Contactless VISA Debit Card.

Once again, we thank you for your trust and loyalty in using QNB Indonesia Credit Card facility. Please continue to use other banking services offered by QNB Indonesia, increase your banking transactions, and collect QNB Indonesia Life Rewards points, which can be exchanged for various attractive rewards.

For more information, please contact the QNB Indonesia Contact Center (021) 30055300.



PT Bank QNB Indonesia Tbk