Switching Account

Switching Account

Switching Accounts is a foreign currency deposit or non-IDR for those who want the flexibility of trading in foreign exchange products.

Features and Benefit:

  • 6 foreign currency selection
  1. 6 foreign currencies, USD, SGD, EUR, AUD, JPY, and GBP.
  • Free of charge

No monthly administration fee and transfer transactions fee from one currency to another currency.

  • Transaction flexibility and convenience

Easy currency changes as well as orders and transactions can be done via fax or email.

  • Single account

One account number for all currencies.

  • Incoming transfer

Incoming transfer will be credited with the same currency.

  • Place order

Able to perform place order for foreign exchange transaction.

  • Bank notes

Cash deposits and withdrawals in USD. *

  • Checking account

Easy to monitor transactions and funds

* Withdrawals in other currencies must be confirmed in advance.