Bank QNB Indonesia Visits SMK Negeri 27 Jakarta

Bank QNB Indonesia Visits SMK Negeri 27 Jakarta

15 December 2022 - As a continuation of Bank QNB Indonesia's long-term commitment in supporting the government to improve financial literacy in Indonesia, the Bank once again conducted its annual programme, QNB Indonesia Goes to School. 

This time, Bank QNB Indonesia together with its employees shared knowledge about basic financial planning to the students of SMK Negeri 27 Jakarta. 

Through interactive games and modules, the Bank taught the students about managing finance, prioritising expenses, and investment. The session was fun where the students were encouraged to learn about assessing their expenses based on the priority as well as to practice making wise financial decisions.

The activity was participated by 60 students and 12 employees. 

Following the activity, the students were also invited to participate in an e-poster competition with prize of voucher to virtual class that can be chosen directly by the winners.