See and Report Fraud Indication

See and Report Fraud Indication

As one of the efforts to materialise the commitment of Bank QNB Indonesia in implementing the principle of “zero tolerance for fraud" as well as to conduct early detection of violations that may occur within the Bank, we provide whistleblowing channel in order to report any violations or suspected fraud by our employee through or call at (021) 5085 7925.

We ensure the confidentiality of the informer’s identity.

Act of violations that can be reported include bribery and corruption, improper behavior, discrimination, forgery, embezzlement and fraud, misrepresentation, violation of customer privacy among others.

To complete your report, please provide the following information:

  • Name of the informer
  • Description of the act of violations
  • Place and time when the violations occur
  • Supporting evidence

The report submitted through the whistleblowing system will be processed in accordance with the applicable Policies and Procedures at Bank QNB Indonesia.

We listen and appreciate your report. Thank you for your cooperation.


PT Bank QNB Indonesia Tbk