Bank QNB Indonesia Launches First Starter Programme, Supporting Family Financial Welfare and Access to Quality Education

Bank QNB Indonesia Launches First Starter Programme, Supporting Family Financial Welfare and Access to Quality Education 

19 October 2023 - As part of QNB Group, the largest banking institution in the Middle East and Africa region, PT Bank QNB Indonesia Tbk ("Bank") is committed to providing comprehensive banking services to help customers meet their various financial goals.

This time, the Bank introduced the First Starter programme, a convenient solution for planning family financial and children’s education. The programme, presented by QNB First priority banking service, was launched during a customer gathering event themed "Financial Head-Start for the Next Generation" attended by QNB First Members at the Grand Ballroom of Four Season Hotel, Jakarta.

"Bank QNB Indonesia, supported by QNB Group, has a long-term commitment to continue serving customers in Indonesia. Our ambition is to be a partner for our customers at every stage of life. More than just providing banking services, in collaboration with strategic partners, the Bank will continue to innovate in assisting customers to have good financial strategies so as to minimise the occurrence of risks in the future," said Haryanto Suganda, President Director of PT Bank QNB Indonesia Tbk.

The First Starter programme is specifically designed for QNB First customers with children aged 17-30 years old. Exclusive for First Starter programme participants, the Bank offers education privileges - where the Bank, in collaboration with credible education consultants, will provide comprehensive overseas education consultation services. Supported by the Bank's other strategic partners, customers will also be assisted in an effective financial planning process to prepare their children's education fund for the future. The Bank believes this can be an excellent start to support the next generation in accessing quality education.

Programme participants will also receive the same banking privileges as their parents, such as a dedicated Relationship Manager (RM), access to premium banking services, and free QNB First service fees during the programme. In addition, the Bank also offers lifestyle privileges to support modern family lifestyles, such as airport transport and airport handling, exclusive movie tickets, and medical check-up packages.

According to the latest data from the UNESCO Institute of Statistics, 59,224 Indonesian students continue their education abroad, which is expected to increase annually. Meanwhile, the World Education News report from 2021 states that Indonesia ranks 22nd worldwide in terms of sending students to study abroad. 

Victor Teja, Head of Retail Banking PT Bank QNB Indonesia Tbk, said, "The First Starter programme is presented to respond to the high interest of Indonesian families in continuing higher education abroad. The cost of education continues to increase every year, and so making good financial planning and careful preparation is a very important factor. Through this programme, Bank QNB Indonesia is ready to support Indonesian families with a series of solutions to answer parents' concerns in providing access to the best education for their children."

Bank QNB Indonesia consistently take part in the efforts to improve financial literacy in Indonesia. One of the bank's efforts is to empower customers and the public, especially students, by providing relevant financial knowledge. This customer gathering event is one of the example. Through this, the Bank aims to improve the community's financial management and financial decision-making skill.

Following the customer gathering and launch of the First Starter programme in Jakarta, Bank QNB Indonesia will hold the same event at Adimulia Hotel Medan on 9 November 2023. This event is supported by the Bank’s strategic partners, which includes PT Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia, PT Batavia Prosperindo Aset Manajemen, PT Syailendra Capital, PT Crimson Edukasi Indonesia, and PT IDP Consulting Indonesia.


About Bank QNB Indonesia

PT Bank QNB Indonesia Tbk was established in Medan in 1913 under the name NV Chunghwa Sangyeh Maatschappij and later in 1965 known as PT Bank Kesawan. In 2011, the Bank strengthened its capital structure through the rights issue that made QNB Group the controlling shareholder and changed its name to PT Bank QNB Kesawan Tbk, and later, in 2014, PT Bank QNB Indonesia Tbk. As part of the QNB Group, QNB Indonesia has become one of Indonesia's leading international banks, offering a wide range of innovative products and services to the corporate and mass affluent retail segment. 

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QNB Group is the largest banking institution in the Middle East and Africa (MEA). QNB Group   provides a comprehensive range of advanced products and services. The total number of employees is 30,000, operating through 900 locations, with an ATM network of 4,800 machines.

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