DooEt (E-Money)

Direct One on One Electronic Transaction or DooEt is server-based electronic money from Bank QNB Indonesia that can be used for purchase, payment and transfer transactions through QNB Indonesia Mobile Banking application.


  • User friendly transaction features including balance inquiry, transfer and bill payment with QNB Indonesia Mobile Banking
  • You can do transaction at merchant using QRIS (Quick Response Code Indonesia standard)
  • Secured transactions, where all transactions are recorded on the payment system technology which protected and stated on the transaction history

How to top up DooEt Electronic Money

Transfer from Other Bank

Transfer to QNB Indonesia Bank account via online transfer through ATM Bersama or PRIMA network by entering Bank Code 167 (Bank QNB Indonesia/QNB Kesawan/Kesawan) followed by DooEt account number, your registered mobile phone number in QNB Indonesia Mobile Banking application.

Transfer Within Bank QNB Indonesia

  • Transfer via ATM Bank QNB Indonesia
    • Insert your ATM Card and enter PIN
    • Choose Language
    • Choose Transfer menu
    • Choose Account Number QVA/DooEt
    • Choose Account Type
    • Fill in account number DooEt
    • Fill in amount
    • Transaction confirmation and choose Yes
    • Transaction success


  • Transfer via QNB Online Banking 
    • Login QNB Online Banking
    • Click Transfer
    • Click Transfer to QNB
    • Fill in Source Account, Amount,  Account Number DooEt and click Next
    • Insert your QPIN and click Submit
    • Transaction success


  • Transfer via QNB Indonesia Mobile Banking
    • Login Aplikasi QNB Indonesia Mobile Banking
    • Tap Transfer
    • Tap Other QNB Account  
    • Input Source Account, DooEt Account, Amount and Description (optional)
    • Tap Next and transfer confirmation then tap “Proceed”
    • Input PIN
    • Transaction success


  • DooEt Unregistered transaction limit is IDR 2.000.000 per month
  • DooEt Registered transaction limit is IDR 20.000.000 per month
  • DooEt Unregistered top up limit is IDR 2.000.000 per month

How to purchase with QRIS

To use QRIS transaction feature, you can follow these following steps:

  • Login to QNB Indonesia Mobile Banking application by entering the password or using the biometric login feature.
  • Tap the QRIS button on the main page.
  • Tap Allow button if QNB Indonesia Mobile Banking application requires access to the device camera.
  • Scan the QR code right in the center of the photo area.
  • Tap the confirmation button.
  • Enter PIN
  • Transaction success