First Starter


Financial Head-Start for The Next Generation.

Plan the future of your child’s financial and education with First Starter that will give the privilege to discover the right education and enjoy the extensive benefits of QNB First.

Program Scheme


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*Terms and conditions apply

Program Scheme

1. Banking Privileges:

  • QNB First Debit Card
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager (RM) for the child
  • Premium Banking access including wealth management product and investment for your child’s needs
  • QNB First service fee waiver during program  
  • Instant cash back for the interbank transaction transfer fee via QNB Indonesia Mobile Banking (Online, BI-FAST, RTGS, SKN)
  • Special offer for the Safe Deposit Box (SDB) rental fee

2. Lifestyle Privileges from the parent’s privileges as the QNB First Customer:

  • Exclusive movie ticket every month, all year long
  • Travel Privileges (Airport Transfer, Airport Handling, Airport Lounge)
  • Healthcare Privilege (Medical Check-up package)
  • Other QNB First benefit

3. Education Privileges:

  • Comprehensive education benefit  from partner for preparing education for you child abroad
  • Special offer for education abroad program with Bank QNB Indonesia’s partner

Education Partner

Crimson Education

  • Provide personalized education consulting to top universities with 9x more likely to gain admission to Ivy League, Oxbridge, and other leading US and UK Universities
  • Enjoy special offer of 10% discount on personalized Crimson consulting program

IDP Education

  • provides holistic education consulting services with tools and supports before and after departure.
  • Enjoy registration fee waiver to all universities in Australia, New Zealand and UK (United Kingdom).*

*Exclude University of Melbourne, Kings University, Edinburgh University, and Nottingham University.

Product Solution

Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia

Allianz Wealthlink Prestige Life II for financial protection, education funds and inheritance to support your family in the future.

Batavia Prosperindo Aset Management

Reksa Dana Batavia Dana Obligasi Ultima provides regular distribution of investment returns every month for monthly living expenses while studying abroad.

Syailendra Capital

Reksa Dana Syailendra MSCI Indonesia Value Index Fund mutual fund can be used as a long-term fund to prepare your child for higher education.

Terms & conditions


Terms and Conditions

  1. Definitions

1. Bank atau Bank QNB Indonesia is PT Bank QNB Indonesia Tbk

2. QNB First is a prime form of service to the customer of Bank QNB Indonesia which has met the criteria and requirements to become a QNB First Customer at Bank QNB Indonesia

3. Wealth Management is the investment product such as mutual funds and bancassurance which can be purchased at Bank QNB Indonesia

4. Asset Under Management (AUM) is a total volume of Current Account, Savings Account, Time Deposits and Wealth Management product such as mutual funds, bancassurance purchased by customer through Bank QNB Indonesia

5. Mutual Funds is a vessel used to collect funds from the investor community to be invested in Securities Portfolio by the Investment Manager

6. Bancassurance is a collaborative activity between Bank QNB Indonesia and Insurance Company in order to market insurance products through Bank QNB Indonesia

7. First Starter Program (or called “Program”) is a program that held by Bank QNB Indonesia  for the existing QNB First customers

8. Customer is a person individually that do the transaction and own banking products at Bank QNB Indonesia

9. Parent is a Bank QNB Indonesia customer, specifically QNB First, that has children according to program criterias

10. Child is a customer or prospective customer from the parent customer who joined the Program

11. Cash back is a reward method for customer which have fulfilled the criteria that will get refund to their Account

12. Terms and Conditions of the Program are the general terms and conditions of this program which may be changed from time to time, added and/or updated by the Bank

Program Period:

19 October 2023 – 30 September 2024

Terms & Conditions

1. Criteria for Customers who can participate in the Program:

a. The child has attained the age 17 – 30 years old and must submit the Indonesian Identity Card (KTP)

b. One of the Parents has a QNB First account that meets the following criteria:

  • Minimum Asset Under Management (AUM) of at least IDR1,000,000,000 (one billion rupiah)
  • Have an active QNB First status during the period of the program (customer type “EG”)

c. Child who open this account will be considered as customers who are capable of taking legal actions so that they are subject to the General Terms and Conditions with waiver to QNB First monthly below balance fee during the period of the program

d. The Parent can only register 1 (one) child for this program

2. Customers who have met the criteria as stipulated in point 1 (one) are obliged to do the following:

a. Register to the program by filling out and sign the Program Participation Form and specify the Participation Date

b. Submit copy of Family Card and/or other legal documentations that validate the family status when register to the program

c. The Child make a placement and maintain AUM of IDR10,000,000 (ten million rupiah) for the duration of the program

d. The Child needs to hold fund at the Regular/ Premium Savings Account amounting IDR1 (one rupiah) until they are approaching 31 (thirty one) years old. This aims to mark the First Starter participation.

3. Terms for Basic First Starter Benefits:

a. The Welcome Kit will be given to customer who registered and eligible from 19 October – 31 December 2023

b. The Lifestyle Privilege is based on the benefit that the parent/s received or eligible for. All the Lifestyle Privilege that is used by the child will use the remaining quota of their parent/s and follow any future adjustment to the parent’s benefit

c. Below balance fee for the QNB First customer with AUM below QNB First criteria will be waive during the duration of the program

d. The customer who fulfilled all the requirements will obtain the QNB First status

4. Terms for Advance First Starter:

a. Customers who will participate in the Advance First Starter should use fund that is fresh fund placement originated from other bank and not from the parent’s account in Bank QNB Indonesia.

b. To be eligible for the Advance Starter, the parent needs to fulfil the minimum AUM with IDR 1,000,000,000 (one billion rupiah) and the child needs to fulfill the minimum AUM with IDR 500,000,000 (five hundred million rupiah)

c. The Child who is an existing customer of Bank QNB Indonesia (is a Bank QNB Indonesia’s customer prior to 19 October 2023) need to top up and maintain their fund amounting IDR500,000,000 (five hundred million rupiah) which is a fresh fund and not from the Parent’s account at Bank QNB Indonesia to be eligible for the Advance First Starter package

d. The child need to be eligible and have registered to the basic program before participate in the Advance First Starter

e. The eligibility of Tokopedia e-voucher amounting IDR 150,000 (one hundred fifty thousand rupiah) that the tax is borne according to the applicable terms will be based on the previous month AUM of both the parent and the child portfolio. The streaming privilege will be given monthly during the program period based on eligibility of the customer

f. To be eligible for birthday treats the customer need to have Wealth Management Product. The birthday treats will be given based on Reward of QNB Treats Loyalty Tier 3 and the birthday treats is only applicable during the program period

g. ATM International waiver fee is the cash back will be credited to the Child’s account every month by the latest the 4th week of the next month with the amount of IDR 20,000 (twenty thousand rupiah) for each transaction such as cash withdrawal and balance checking at the ATM

5. The Bank will check and evaluate the Customer’s eligibility during the program participation period

6. Customer is obliged to ensure the email address that is registered to the Bank’s system is correct and valid. Hence, customers will be responsible to the mistakes, or omissions in registering email address

7. Customer who participated to First Starter Program have agreed the terms and conditions that is attached to First Starter Program

8. The general terms and Conditions that is applied to the First Starter Program which may be changed, and/or added from time to time or updated by the Bank

For further information contact your Relationship Manager (RM) or Contact Center Bank QNB Indonesia (021) 300 55 300