PT Bank QNB Kesawan Tbk and PT AIA Financial signed a partnership to launch the product

Web Posted on : Mon, 10 Jun 2013

PT AIA Financial and PT Bank QNB Kesawan Tbk doing a cooperation agreement in order to launch bancassurance products which will be launched in the near future. This cooperation is expected to improve the services in each company.

AIA President Carl Gustini said, this strategic partnership based on a common vision. AIA Financial and QNB Kesawan have a vision that is consistent, which helps meet the needs of protection and savings at every stage of life of the people of Indonesia.

"This solid collaboration will expand its offering life insurance products through QNB Kesawan customers," said Carl, in the event Signing Ceremony between Bank QNB Kesawan with AIA Financial, at QNB Kesawan Tower Building, Jakarta, Monday, June 10, 2013.

Meanwhile, Acting CEO of QNB Kesawan Azhar Abdul Wahab said, the cooperation of the two parties is salling beneficial cooperation. In fact, collaboration is fairly new start, and be prepared to be developed in the future times.

"We are confident that through this collaboration can complement the needs of our customers' protection, deepen our relationships with our customers, and continue to be the bank of choice customers".

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Deposito 1 3 6 12
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*Untuk penempatan minimum IDR 100 Juta

*Untuk penempatan minimum USD 10k

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