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Web Posted on : Mon, 22 Dec 2008

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All employees / ti Bank Kesawan Medan - Capem Bogor do office removals celebration event on Bank Kesawan Capem Bogor operations to the new address is now in Medan Jl.Bogor 55 20 212 Tel: 061-452.3362; Fax: 061-452.6116 previously been in Medan Jl.Bogor 65 20 212.

Sub Branch Manager Medan Bogor - Susi, Bishop explained that the purpose of this move is to provide better service to the customers of the Bank Kesawan especially Medan area around Jl. Bogor. Current network of branches and ATMs of Bank Kesawan particular field area spread over 7 strategic locations Medan.Jl city. Youth, JL. Asia, JL. Central Market, Jl. Sutomo, Petisah, Pulo Brayan and Jl. Bogor.

Starting in the city of Medan as Chungwa Shangyeh NV since 1913, Kesawan Bank now has 32 branches and a network of 20 terminals ATMs in 10 cities in Indonesia: Jakarta (13 offices), Medan (7 offices), Pekanbaru (4 offices ), Batam, Siantar, Tanjung Balai, Bandung, Surabaya (3 offices) and Denpasar.

Kesawan ATM network can be accessed 24 hours a day by all customers and users of other banks ATM fellow members of the Joint ATM across Indonesia. Bank Kesawan special customers we provide free for every ATM transaction ranging from info balances, cash withdrawals and transfers between bank accounts Kesawan. We also provide a choice of three exciting range of ATM cards to customers.

On the sidelines of the show after watching the busy Thanksgiving Medan office relocation Bogor, Business Director of PT Bank Kesawan Tbk Entjik S. Djafar, said that the global economic crisis, the Bank Kesawan continue to maintain and sustain the health of the bank.

This is reflected in the Bank's financial position at 30 September 2008 Kesawan ie with total assets of Rp. 2.024 trillion, the capital position which stood at Rp. 123 billion, CAR ratio of 9.74% which means that go beyond the provision of BI is the minimum CAR of 8%, and the current NPL ratio continued to improve until the end of 2008 sought to be below 5%

Bank Kesawan as a customer focused bank, also continue to provide the best service to all Stake Holders are to our customers, shareholders, partners and the community to commit the Bank Kesawan Service Excellence program.

Business Director of PT Bank Kesawan Tbk Entjik S. Djafar, continued to describe plans to support the development and expansion of long-term business, Bank Kesawan strives to improve its capital structure with still searching and selecting the right candidate for the Strategic Investors Bank Kesawan.

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*Untuk penempatan minimum USD 10k

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