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Meet regulatory requirements, the Bank Kesawan as public companies are required to hold Public Expose at least once a year.

In the year 2008, the Bank Kesawan has done on October 29, 2008 at the Mercure Hotel - Jakarta. The event was run in an orderly and smoothly, led by Bp. Dinno Indiano as Director.

The material shown is the performance of Bank Kesawan based on data as of 30 September 2008. Broadly speaking, the performance of companies that displayed include the following

  • Total assets of the Bank Kesawan Rp. 2.024 trillion.
  • Outstanding loans increased by 22.89% to Rp. 1.50 trillion as of September 2008, compared to the previous year amounting to Rp.1.22 trillion as at 30 September 2007.
  • Foreclosed (repossessed assets) showing the changes improved from Rp. 102.86 billion as at September 2007 to Rp. 68.54 billion as of September 2008.
  • Third party funds increased to Rp. 1.87 trillion as of September 2008 compared to September 2007 the position of Rp. 1.82 trillion.
  • Profit before tax of Rp. 5.62 billion.
  • The capital adequacy ratio (CAR) with the credit risk of the Bank is at 9.81%. While the capital adequacy ratio (CAR) with risk and credit risk is equal to 9.74%.
  • Observing the development of the current economic conditions, management has conducted an evaluation of some of the planning, which will be adapted to the conditions last. With the adjustment is expected to achieve the set targets.
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