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Overall strategic steps that have been executed by the Bank Kesawan positive impact, which is reflected in the financial statements as of 31 December 2007. At the end of 2007, assets of the company reached Rp2, 18 trillion, an increase of 6.34% compared to the year 2006 Rp.2, 05 trillion.

Third party funds that have been collected by the Company in the form of demand deposits, savings and time deposits in 2007 was Rp. 1.91 trillion, an increase of 4.38% from the previous year. The increase in third party funds proves that public confidence in the credibility of the Bank Kesawan still maintained.

In 2007, the credit has been channeled Rp., 1.29 trillion, an increase of 2.38% compared to 2006's Rp. 1.26 trillion. Although credit is not high enough in the year, but the distribution of credit continue to be monitored and pursued fairly evenly in various economic sectors.

The capital adequacy ratio (CAR) to the credit risk of the Company at the end of 2007 increased to 10.36%, while the capital adequacy ratio of credit risk and market risk to be 10.33%. CAR ratio is still reflected a healthy position, above the 8% minimum CAR ratio required by Bank Indonesia.

In 2007, the Company has recorded a net profit of Rp. 6.26 billion, an increase of Rp. 2.17 billion, equivalent to 53% of profits in 2006 is Rp. 4.09 billion.


As one of the oldest on the current Bank, Bank Kesawan trying to improve service and enhance the image they have. One of the efforts that have been made by the Bank Kesawan in 2007 to support these efforts are:

Join a Shared ATM networks. With this partnership, customers are expected to be easier Bank Kesawan conduct banking transactions at over 11,200 ATMs bearing the Joint ATM across Indonesia.

In addition to technology development, the Bank Kesawan has increased competency of human resources and organization. Management is very aware that the Bank Kesawan efficiency efforts and Effectiveness relies on the quality of customer service and human resources organizations.

In addition, to further enhance the image of the organization, in 2007 the Bank Kesawan has launched several products such as:

  • Savings Kesawan Smile, which provides benefits in the form of reimbursement for inpatient care in any hospital in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • Kesawan Gift Reward Point, where all savings customers will earn points to be redeemed in accordance with the choice of gifts offered.
  • Switching K Currency, deposits that provide convenience to customers to make the shift currency any time as customer needs for optimal benefit. With the launch of several products, expected to increase the number of clients and funds that can be collected.


Exposure to the financial performance of the Company, is one of the agenda of the General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company held today. Other agenda at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders today, including the addition of members of the Board of Commissioners. In order to comply with Bank Indonesia and for the implementation of Good Corporate Governance, it appointed an independent Chairman and two (2) Independent Commissioners, which will be effective after the approval from Bank Indonesia.

General Meeting of the Company's Extraordinary Shareholders held with the agenda of turning the entire budget of the Company, including compliance with Law no. 40 of 2007 on Limited Liability Companies and regulations in the capital market.

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