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Web Posted on : Thu, 03 May 2007

In Public Expose held at Nikko Hotel Jakarta on 30 November 2006 to shareholders explaining the history, vision and mission, and the Business Development Plan Business Development Bank Kesawan in the future, Standing in Medan with Chunghwa Shangyeh name in 1913, in in 1965 changed its name to PT. Bank Kesawan, formerly headquarters in Medan moved to Jakarta in 1990, six years later gained the status of a Foreign Exchange Bank. In 2000 in order to compete with classmates Bank Bank Kesawan make changes to existing technology, from the original transaction by Off line to On line, with the merger of Bank Kesawan ALTO network is expected to facilitate customer transactions using the ATM network ALTO join them.

Vision Bank with a touch of Professionals is the choice for businesses and continuously improve the quality of mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders (Customer, Owner, Employees Government & Environment) to employees who contribute to focus and understand the role of stakeholder satisfaction Mission Provide prompt, accurate and flexible In the development of its PT. Bank Kesawan in 2005, has assets of Rp. 1,581,145 million, year (September) in 2006 increased to Rp. 1,807,520 million, the addition of assets of Rp. 227 millyar, development of deposits also increased from position 2005 of Rp. 1,467,645 million to Rp. 1,651,459 million in the year (September) 2006, an increase of Rp. 183,812 million, of the Credit Lending increased by Rp. 297 billion from position 2005 of Rp. 798,422 million to Rp. 1,095,469 million in the year (September) 2006. Business development plan in 2007 will be done with, improve financial performance with significant business growth, but without ignoring the precautionary principle, namely:

  • Optimization of the existence of an ATM to improve the composition and increasing Third Party Funds
  • The addition of network intensive promotion and marketing
  • Increased LDR through aggressive business growth by developing superior credit products

Improving credit quality with NPLs decreased concentration and sale of repossessed assets through strategic alliances

Interest & Exchange Rate
Deposito 1 3 6 12
USD* 1 1.25 1.25 1.25
SGD* 1 1 1 1
Rupiah 6.25 6.50 6.50 6.50

*Untuk penempatan minimum IDR 100 Juta

*Untuk penempatan minimum USD 10k

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